Tips for a Trouble Free Machine Vision Installation

Whether your machine sees an error or produces no result at all, the most common reason for this is defective machine vision. When your machine halts, your entire system could come to a stand still. So, it is imperative that the machine is constructed with robust parts to survive harsh environments and also last for many years. Unlike consumer-grade computers, industrial machine PCs are apt for life and are available for decades. To find out if your machine has machine vision or not, you need to get in touch with a machine vision computer technician who will assess the problem.

If you require a reliable machine vision computer system, you must make sure it includes all of the following essentials, such as Ethernet, PoE, USB, Cables, Power, Video Output and Audio. These are the essential components that will give you a great experience. On the other hand, if you need only basic components, then you may buy a less expensive machine vision computer. For example, you can buy a simple pc without Ethernet, power cable and video output.

One more crucial feature that your machine vision computer must have is Video Security. The presence of digital cameras will ensure total safety and security for your industrial premises. If cameras are present, then the entire system will be fully protected by PoE. However, if you cannot afford to install PoE and digital cameras, then you can opt for cheaper alternatives like discretely wired security cameras or dummy cameras, which are very popular in the market today.

If you want to make your industrial pc more secure, then you can opt for multiple cameras that include USB3 ports and an ethernet port to allow easy transfer of data. Similarly, you should also check out for a Secure Digital Distribution Interface or SDDI that provides the same benefits of cameras and ethernet port along with providing additional security. This particular device connects to cameras via ethernet or usb and enables recording, viewing and storing of captured images in a secure proprietary format that is read/written by a smart card reader. Hence, you can capture images from multiple cameras and distributed them across your industrial premises.

You should also opt for a router with gigabit ethernet port. This will provide a fast network for your industrial PC and connect it to PoE or to a digital camera and remotely control it from a laptop. Another most vital feature for your machine vision system should be a gigabit ethernet port for PoE and cameras. With a gigabit ethernet port for cameras, the distance between two cameras can be easily set using an RPI interface. It will enable the connection between your camera’s with PoE and to your industrial pc or router using USB or ethernet cable.  You can learn more about machine vision pcs here.

You can use USB frame grabbers with your CNC machine vision applications to reduce input time and maximize output for your industrial PC. Frame grabbers are used with the intention of capturing a particular area of an image or video frame and save it as a file for further reference or editing purposes. For such a purpose, you can attach the frame grabber to your industrial PC with USB cable and select the size and resolution of the frame that you want to capture. The software of the frame grabber will help you with the framing process. With this software, you can make and save high-quality output of your industrial PC for further analysis and work. You can get more enlightened on this topic by reading here:

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